Friday, November 18, 2011

I Was A Parisian Booth Bunny

"...He wasn’t my first cowboy, you know. (S’il vous plaît – credit? Please?) But it was my first Parisian trade show. My first Parisian trade show as a booth bunny. A few years back – it was Le salon de la lingerie. So Cowboy Thong was actually appropriately (un)dressed. He was…ahem…a male model. He was hocking gitch for Ginch Gonch. He’d strut and stride and swagger by my stand, every hour, on the hour, because, well…that was his job. (My job was to hock stuff, too, but I won’t tell you what because the designer was kind of a rotten evil bitch. Like: She wouldn’t let me – moi ! – be a model.) (Although she did give me a free pair of culottes.) But you could say that when it came to the booth bunny business, Cowboy Thong inspired me, motivated me, drove me on…roped me in. À propos of my whole Cowboy Thong Experience, I’ve kept my cute, fuzzy tail in the booth bunny business ever since. (Although in reality my tail isn’t really fuzzy.)..."